Labiaplasty is an operation performed to reduce the inner labia of the genitals with special surgical methods if they are drooping, large, dark or wrinkled, and to give them a symmetrical and beautiful appearance.
What is Labiaplasty?
All over the world, genital area aesthetic operations tend to increase rapidly. The situation is the same in our country. Labiaplasty is “aesthetic operation of inner and outer genital lips”.

It is at the forefront of genital aesthetic surgeries in our country and all over the world. When applied with the right technique, it provides many benefits not only aesthetically but also functionally.

What is Labiaplasty (Inner lip aesthetics)?
Labiaplasty is a genital aesthetic operation performed to reduce the genital lips in accordance with the principles of aesthetic surgery, if they are larger than normal, drooping, dark or wrinkled, and to give them a symmetrical and beautiful appearance. It is also known as ‘inner lip aesthetics’.

What does labiaplasty mean?
The word means labium = lip, plasty = shaping in Latin terminology. Labiaplasty is the medical name for genital lip aesthetics in general.

Large lips covered with hair in the external genital area are also called “labium majus” and the aesthetics of this area is also referred to as labiaplasty. However, labiaplasty is generally understood as an inner lip aesthetic operation, since outer lip aesthetics is performed much less frequently than inner lip aesthetics.

If it is necessary to separate the term labiaplasty into two; Inner lip aesthetics is called “labiominoraplasty” and outer lip aesthetics is called “labiomajoraplasty”.

after labiaplasty surgery
Labiaplasty Surgery
Labiaplasty Surgery
Labial Hypertrophy

Thick, wide, drooping, inner lips that protrude beyond the large lips are called labial hypertrophy. Labial hypertrophy can occur for various reasons. It is generally congenital that the inner lips are larger and wider than normal. Especially during adolescence, it increases with the hormonal effect. In addition, in some people, due to chronic irritation (such as fungal infection, itching or friction), hereditary (genetic) reasons, the inner lips may be larger than normal, wide-surfaced, wrinkled and drooping. Among hormonal causes, taking androgen hormone is also the cause of labial hypertrophy. Births and advancing age can also cause sagging and enlargement of the inner lips.


It is the condition that one lip is larger or different in structure compared to the other. Although ‘labial asymmetry’ is usually congenital, it can sometimes develop due to genital traumas such as traffic or bicycle accidents.

Edge Irregularities

Darkening of color at the ends of the inner lips, roughness and indentations on the edges.

Discontent with Appearance

Labiaplasty can also be applied to women who are generally disturbed by the appearance of the inner lip and are affected psychologically due to this situation.

Who is labiaplasty performed for?
Labiaplasty is mostly performed due to aesthetic concerns. The inner lips are larger than normal, wide, irregular and thick; Lack of sexual self-confidence, embarrassment and not being able to concentrate during sexual intercourse, not being able to establish a comfortable partner relationship, and even being unable to marry for this reason, being sexually dissatisfied, not finding it attractive, and even not being able to see it as a woman can be among the reasons.

Labiaplasty Surgery Prices
Prices and charges in labiaplasty surgeries; It varies according to the surgeon who will perform the operation, the health center and the anesthesia method.

Therefore, it will be beneficial to discuss the costs and total prices of labiaplasty with your doctor. The important point to remember here is; labiaplasty operations are in the group of very specific operations, and physicians who do not have knowledge and experience should not be consulted.

Therefore, the choice of physician is extremely important.

What are the causes of labiaplasty?
Patients desire labiaplasty operation for different purposes. The reasons for labiaplasty vary from person to person.

The most common causes of labiaplasty surgery are:

Discomfort caused by apparent bulge when wearing bikini and tights. The protruding appearance of this area can negatively affect social life.
Frequent yeast infections, frequent vaginal infections due to keeping the genital area moist.
Being afraid of the partner during sexual intercourse, embarrassment, inability to concentrate during intercourse.
Hygienic problems such as odor formation and discharge accumulation in the genital area.
Large and drooping inner lips are uncomfortable by rubbing while wearing underwear, jeans and tights.
Feeling pain due to stretching during sexual intercourse when the penis is inserted into the vagina.
Difficulty urinating, the need to strain.
One of the most common reasons is that the urine goes in different directions in the toilet and wets the legs.
In summary; Labiaplasty has physical, sexual, hygienic and medical benefits.

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