Things to Consider in the Hospital After Nose Aesthetics
The patient spends the night of the operation in the hospital and is followed closely.
Necessary antibiotics, painkillers and tranquilizers are given intravenously.
In order to reduce the blood pressure in the face, lie in a semi-sitting position.
Take cooling masks or ice packs and apply to the cheekbones areas. Lying in a semi-sitting position from the waist and applying cold is extremely important in terms of reducing blood leakage and controlling swelling.
Oral liquid food intake is started 2 hours after the operation and approximately 4 hours later, the patient stands up under the supervision of a nurse. Excessive bending and straining in the toilet should be avoided. These movements are undesirable as they will increase the pressure on the face. If constipation is a problem, bowel softeners can be used.
It is natural to have some blood leakage from the nose during this period. Leakage increases slightly during activities such as walking and talking, you should not be worried, you should stay calm. The leak, which is red on the first day, will turn pink in the following days and its amount will decrease.
There will be some swelling and bruising around the eyes and face, more or less. These swellings reach their peak after 24 hours (the first night at home), then shift downward starting from the upper eyelids and regress in about 1 week. During this period, it is very important to lie in a semi-sitting position, apply cold compresses, and avoid excessive movement and effort.
The day after the surgery, the patient is given antibiotics and painkillers to use, and is taught how to care for the nose. A detailed information form titled “After the surgery” is given to the patient and it is expected to comply with the letter.
After rhinoplasty, especially in the first days following the surgery, it is recommended that the patient not be alone and has a companion.
Things to Consider at Home After Nose Aesthetics
The period after rhinoplasty is at least as important as the pre-operative and surgical process. First of all, it is necessary to act very consciously in order to avoid possible complications related to the general health status and to detect and treat a complication in a timely manner.

At this stage, it is vital to follow your doctor’s recommendations seriously and to communicate with him.

It can often be observed that some patients do not pay enough attention to their doctor’s recommendations in the post-rhinoplasty period, push the limits for different reasons, and develop related complications. In the post-operative period, even if the person feels very good and does not feel any pain, he should strictly follow the recommendations.

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