Mastopexy Surgery

Breast lift is a surgical procedure for restoring sagging breasts to an upright position. During this operation, three basic procedures are performed: the nipples are moved to where they should be, the breast tissue is shaped and the excess skin is removed. If the breasts are large, excess breast tissue is removed, and if it is small, it is supported by silicone prostheses. Breast lift operations are performed with reduction for those with large and sagging breasts, and with enlargement in patients with emptied and sagging after births or weight loss.

How long does the breast lift surgery take?

The operation takes approximately 2 hours. The more the sagging in the breasts, the longer the surgery takes.

What happens after breast lift surgery?

3 hours after the end of the surgery the patient can eat and stand up. The patient has a small dressing at the incision site. After two days you can take a bath. Three days later, he/she comes back for a check-up and can return to work and start his/her normal daily activities and drive a car. The first 3 weeks should not do sports except walking. Again in the first 3 weeks the athlete should wear his/her bra day and night. After the third week, he/she can do all sports activities except arm and chest movements. After the sixth week, all kinds of sports activities are allowed.
The first 3 weeks after Mastopexy breasts stand higher and upright than normal, images are not natural. After the third week, the appearance of the breasts will return to normal and the breasts will return to their normal position. The breasts take their full shape at 3 months. Subsequent checks are carried out at the end of the third week, third month, and sixth month and at the end of the first year unless there is a special case. Control mammography / USG are performed one year after surgery.

Is The Result Of Breast Lift Surgery Permanent?

There will be some relaxation of the breasts as the patient gets older; however, there is no way to return like it was before the surgery.

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mastopexy surgery