What is DHI Hair Transplantation Technique?

DHI technique unlike the FUE technique, hair follicles are taken from the donor area can be described as a method in which two stages take place at the same time as implanting the implanted area without opening the canal with the implant.
The Choi needle has a very thin, cylindrical, and sharp tip in shape. This Choi needle with a cylindrical tip is in the form of a channel and can be inserted into the needle by driving the hair along this channel. DHI technique is also referred to as the Choi method because of the nature of this needle.

Advantages of DHI

  • • Minimizes the time of the hair follicles to stay outside of the tissue and ensures more healthy transplantation.
    • The survival rate of hair follicles is higher.
    • As the incision area will be less, it minimizes the risk of bleeding as much as possible.
    • A faster recovery can be seen after a hair transplant operation so that the patient can easily return to his / her daily routine in a short time.

Disadvantages of DHI method

The disadvantages compared to the FUE method are the following:
• In order to use this technique well, both the physician and the team must go through a very long training period.
• Compared to other hair transplantation methods, it can be seen as more costly method.


Dhi Hair Transplant