What Is Breast Decrease (Breast Reduction)?

  • Breast reduction surgery is a surgical method preferred by women who have larger breasts to get rid of their physical and social problems. It is performed by aesthetic surgeon under operating room conditions and general anesthesia.
  • In breast reduction operation, a portion of the tissue, fat and skin parts that give fullness to the breasts are taken. Larger than normal breasts cause disproportionate appearance in the body. In this situation women can have problems in the psychological and physical terms. But with this small easy operation a better active life can be brought to you. And the breasts can be brought to a normal level.

Breast Reduction Surgery Process

  • You will be at the hospital after hunger and thirst for at least 8 hours in the morning of surgery. If the required laboratory tests are normal, the anesthesiologist will examine you and give you permission to perform surgery. Then you go into surgery. Breast reduction usually ends in 2-4 hours. You can eat after 3-4 hours. One night after hospitalization, you can be discharged the next day, but you can rest for up to 7 days. During this period, you should not carry anything including light bags and avoid reactionary movements. 4-6 weeks to stay away from heavy sports. Your doctor will tell you about the day of the bath.
    You should stay away from pool and sea for 1-2 months. For sunbathing, you should have survived this period. Sauna, Turkish bath is forbidden for 1 month.
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Breast Reduction