Our center, which was opened in March 2019, is located in Yeşilköy which is one of the most popular and decent places of Istanbul, where the sea and the sky meet with green, located between the two blue, with the aesthetic texture and the stance of the Nazen, it is figuring the supply with the twinkling like isi in th ‘. . With the freshness of the ocean and the sky, the color of the ıyla turquoise ün corporate color, which is the color of the sun and the blue of the emerald green in the blue; Istanbul’s unique beauty, the universality of the stars and the sun is to bring together a smile.
In the immediate vicinity of the airport and the subway, with ease of transportation in and out of the country and comfortable five-star hotel with comfortable accommodation in the same garden; aims to be a pioneer with international reference approaches in. hair transplantation and aesthetic applications hedefle in high quality standards. In an environment where trees extending across the road greet you, by breathing plenty of air from oxygen, in a place with no noise, calm, aesthetic and beauty feeling, Istanbul offers the opportunity to benefit from health service by experiencing all the beauty of the city with your soul.
Technological applications of high standards, quality-oriented and touching human hearts before the ”smiling service dok policy aims to be one of the best hospitals in the industry. To provide health service in accordance with ethical principles with mak integrative and correct communication approaches almak and ve to add value to science and art with aesthetics and beauty philosophy sosyal is among our priority values.

Our Services

Our center is among the most popular places among the health institutions in terms of its spacious, modern design and aesthetic design and physical features. Each block consisting of two floors and two separate Phase 1 300 square meters, including 3,000 square meters of Phase 2 serves as the epicenter of Turkey’s largest plastic surgery with a total area of 6,000 square meters. 25 hair transplantation rooms, 2 operating rooms, 8 observation and patient care rooms, medical aesthetics and hair transplantation applications, except stomach botox application, Oral and Dental Health Unit, Jaw Surgery Branches, Plastic Surgery and Reconstruction, Emergency Services, Nutrition and Dietetics, Anesthesiology and Reanimation, Internal Diseases and Medical Laboratory, Medical Imaging, Central Sterilization Unit units. With its 30 people call center, it provides international service in 10 different languages.

Our Vision

To be a healthcare institution that provides quality health service with its m aesthetic sense ın in the light of scientific knowledge and human values, which is accepted as a reference in our country and in the world by supporting hair transplantation and medical aesthetic applications, innovative approaches and scientific studies.

Our Mission

To be a pioneer organization serving internationally with a health service policy that makes a smile, which touches the human heart first, in line with the principles of quality-oriented, ethical and holistic approach that supports scientific knowledge with high standards of technological applications.
Hair transplantation and innovative applications in the medical aesthetics, special, distinctive methods and approaches in Turkey and known in the world, to the leadership on behalf of implementation; to contribute to the international recognition of our country with our practices.
To make scientific studies and educational activities which are accepted as a reference in the world in the field of health, primarily for hair transplantation and medical aesthetic applications.

Our Values

– Ethical Approach
– Smiling Service Policy
– Respect For Human Values
– ‘‘First Human’’ Centered Approach
– Quality Focus
– A Holistic Approach To Our Patients
– Environmentalist Approach
– Love And Do With Love
– Equitable And Fair Approach

About Us