What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is basically the name given to the surgical procedures performed using different techniques to restore the lost or thinned hair to its former appearance. Hair transplantation, which is generally performed regardless of age range or gender, is often preferred by men in their 50s. Hair transplantation, which is a widely applied procedure in our country and in the world, is a procedure preferred by people who are uncomfortable with their appearance or who want to increase their self-confidence.

Our hair is considered one of the most important parts of our appearance and aesthetics. Many people want to have healthy and lush hair. However, hair loss and thinning are encountered in both men and women, mainly due to different factors such as genetics, age, hormonal factors, stress, air pollution, vitamin and mineral deficiency. The biggest cause of hair loss in men is genetic factors. The most common cause of hair loss problems in women is hormonal factors and deficiencies in vitamin and mineral levels such as B12 and iron. Today, it is possible to eliminate these problems with hair transplantation methods.

Preparations Before Hair Transplantation
It is important that you first consult with your doctor about this operation, which can be preferred especially by men over the age of 50, and before you decide on the operation, it is important to get information about which operation is appropriate, whether you meet the necessary conditions, the healing process and its risks. The pre-operative process basically starts with the patient’s request for the operation to the physician.

The most important issues that we face in the next process are:

Physician selection
Since hair transplant surgery is a meticulous procedure, it should be performed by experienced physicians in order to achieve a successful result and to prevent unnecessary correction operations. You can also get information about the technique to be used by interviewing your doctor before the operation.

Things to consider
In this process, there are some rules recommended by your doctor, which you must follow and follow. These:

If you smoke, you should stop or reduce smoking a while before the surgery by consulting your doctor.
In the last week before the operation, pay attention to a healthy diet and not to consume alcohol.
Inform your physician of the medications, herbs and supplements you have been using recently. For example, some drugs (such as aspirin) may cause post-operative bleeding. For this reason, you should strictly follow your doctor’s recommendations. In this context, drugs that can slow blood clotting and drugs prohibited by your doctor should not be used.
Any spray, gel, etc. for your hair. You should not use styling products.
Heavy exercises should not be done the day before the hair transplant procedure.
Wearing wide and comfortable clothes and shoes on the day of the hair transplant will make you feel more comfortable after the surgery.

Extra precautions
You may need to be accompanied by a relative or friend who will stay with you for the first 24 hours after the surgery and drive for you.

You may need to minimize your responsibilities at home and at work. For this, you can prepare a meal in advance, complete your heavy work (such as cleaning) a few days in advance, or ask someone close to you to help for a short time.

You can make a small list in advance of what you may need extra on the day of surgery. Entering the surgery by providing all of them will facilitate the post-operative process.

How Long Does Hair Transplant Surgery Take?
Hair transplant surgery may differ depending on the procedure and the transplant area. It takes approximately 4 to 6 hours. Usually, the patient is discharged after the operation and the patient is sent home to rest.

After Hair Transplant
Recovery time after hair transplantation varies according to the person and the type of surgery. The recovery period of the patients after the operation varies according to the technique and quality of the physician.

Here are some recommendations for patients who want to recover in a short time and continue their daily lives:

What to Do After the Surgery
Listen carefully to the advice your doctor will give you. Instructions about your recovery process are explained in detail by your doctor. Your doctor will tell you what is inconvenient for you to do for a few weeks after the surgery, depending on your age, health status and physical characteristics.
Because heavy activities and intense sports exercises make you sweat, such activities should definitely be avoided.
The hair transplant area should be meticulously protected from the sun.
It is recommended not to drive a car after the operation.
Pain and edema may be experienced in the post-operative period, so regular use of painkillers may be required.
Care should be taken in the area where the hair transplant is performed while lying down.

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