Non-Surgical Aesthetic Applications
In aesthetic operations, apart from surgical intervention, “non-surgical aesthetic” methods with a short recovery time and applied in a practical way are preferred. It continues to develop in non-surgical applications in almost every operation with a series of representations used in medicine. In these operations, facial and body rejuvenation procedures are performed.

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As in surgical interventions, age range is important in non-surgical aesthetic applications. After the examination, suitability will be determined by the doctor. Patients who want a quick recovery with a very short treatment period may prefer non-surgical aesthetic applications. In other words, let’s call it medical aesthetics.

Non-surgical aesthetic applications, skin care, laser applications and filling, botox procedures are performed. The point that should be paid attention to this center is that the person who will perform the operation is an expert and that the center is suitable for its conditions. The procedures can be applied in a single way or as additional procedures to surgical operations.

Non-surgical face lift, neck lift applications, hair prp, prp, dermabrasion, laser epilation, mesotherapy, regional slimming operations are among the non-surgical applications that are required by women and extremely difficult. We can also include the hairstyle trainer in the non-surgical operation.

With the developing technology, a series of non-surgical aesthetic applications are seen today. Facial rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation with focus ultrasound, gold needle therapy, youth vaccine, salmon DNA vaccine, chemical peeling and face lift procedures.

Within the scope of non-surgical aesthetic applications, lip parts are also in great demand. It is possible for women who complain that their lips are especially thin on the upper border, to regain a pleasant appearance with their tiny touches. The main features to be taken for this are;

First of all, the outer part of the lip is not contoured. After this contour processing, the lips become much more prominent.
In order to complete the contour operations, it should have a clear lip line as soon as possible.
The filling material used in the lips must be renewed at regular intervals. For this reason, looking at a transaction that will disappear by making a single trip means that you will not be in the right place. If repeating the procedure at 3-5 month intervals is not a problem for you, you can complete the hyaluronic acid lip augmentation without surgery. This usage cost will also be much more reasonable than the other evaluation.

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