Implant treatment, in the simplest terms, is the process of making new ones by screwing in place of missing teeth. These screws are made from individuals and inserted into the jawbone. A dental prosthesis is placed on the screws.
The part of the implant process compared to other dental treatments is that it does not require any intervention to the adjacent teeth. Single operation is applied only for the missing part. As a result of the procedure, the implant acts as a root and replaces the natural tooth. People easily use it as their own teeth. As Dentasel, we successfully cover implant treatment and ensure that our valuable patients have healthy teeth.

In How Many Stages Is The Implant Inserted?
We plan and apply implant dental treatment in some way. Among these stages are the planning and operation stages. The implant has 5 connections. There are 2 methods we apply for implant insertion.
Our implant treatment application is the first method; It’s an immediate download. In this method, we place a new tooth immediately after the extracted tooth, without waiting for the transition to implant treatment.
The second method is; Waiting for a while after tooth extraction. The waiting period can be between 1 and 3 months. The purpose of the waiting period is to allow the bone and implant to work better.

What are the Implant Stages?
Implant dental treatment completion is examined in five sub-items. Before working on dental treatment, we learned the necessary preliminary recognition. It is aimed to provide the best oral hygiene just before the processing. The first step for treatment is the implant relative to the jawbone.
Screws made of titanium, placing in the jaw, we wait for the implant to merge with the jaw for approximately 1-3 months. Then you move on to the second stage. We place the thread material on the body screws of the second stage. We design zirconium or porcelain teeth according to suitability and residuals. With these prosthetic teeth, a rehearsal is made on the patient by sticking or screwing methods as preparation. Then the implants are placed exactly in their places and the treatment is completed.

Initial Inspection and Planning
With the first examination in implant treatment, we determine whether the cells are compatible with this placement. Our doctors examine the inside of the mouth in detail. A detailed examination is made such as gums, lower and upper jaw, condition of teeth, formation suitable for implant. After the inspection, planning begins. All details such as how many implants are used, the structure of the implants, the type of dental prosthesis to be made on it are planned. We detail this planning by taking the ghost of the chin with three CT scans. Thus, you can start a process that will satisfy the patient by determining the sessions where the implant will be applied with the least error.

Implant Operation Stage
Implant operation is performed by our specialist dentists with the most appropriate planning. Before the operation, the teeth and jaw area are stimulated with local anesthesia. With the appropriate surgical instruments, the slots where the implant will be applied are opened and the implant is placed in these slots. In the sutured implant process, an incision is made on the gingival part and the bone is reached and screwed. After washing the implant, this process is completed by suturing. Operational storage completely finished, placement and placement varies up to 3 months depending on the implant requirements. It is expected that the implant will integrate with the bone in approximately 15 – 40 usage times, and then the dental prosthesis is completed with the material to be covered.

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